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Garden maintenance | Espaso Verde | Landscape Design
garden maintenance | Espaso Verde | Landscape Design

Garden Maintenance & Garden Sitter Service

Garden Sitter is a professional Garden Maintenance Service where we look after your garden either for a specified period of time or indefinitely.

Whether you are going on holiday for a day, week, month or year we provide the perfect solution to ensure your garden is watered, free of pests and diseases, weeded and looked after while you are enjoying a break away. We guarantee that you will come home to find your garden and lawns tidy and looking fantastic.

Garden maintenance is essential to ensure that all the hard work that has gone into planting your garden does not go to waste. It’s easy and helps your garden stay beautiful and under control. As you can see here, there is a lot to do, but staying on top of things is what matters.

We have qualified garden sitters ready to take care of your garden. We can even help you transform your garden into something you are proud of.

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