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Welcome to Espaso Verde Landscape Design

Award winning landscape Design Company ‘Espaso Verde’ based in Hawke’s Bay provides complete landscape design services for residential and commercial properties.

If you are looking for a new garden or renovating an existing property, Espaso Verde is here to help. We ensure you get a garden beyond your expectation and finished to a high standard of workmanship. Espaso Verde offer part or all the process from the design concept through to its implementation.

Espaso Verde has operated in Hawke’s Bay for 7 years, and recently won The Landscaper the Year Award at the Creative Gardens Expo.

At Espaso Verde we are passionate about bringing to life creative and functional gardens with a sense of style and atmosphere, while considering the style architecture and the surrounding environment.

Services offered are Landscape Design, Landscape Construction, Garden Maintenance, Stone Masonry and Plant Sourcing.

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Landscape Design Services | Hawkes Bay | Espaso Verde

Developing a landscape design is a process involving several stages and meetings.

Landscape Construction | Property Care | Espaso Verde

Our knowledge and experience allow you to implement your design and ideas.

Espaso Verde Property Care

Every garden needs proper care and maintenance even “low-maintenance” gardens.

Landscape Garden design - Garden Sitting service

A professional Garden Maintenance Service where we look after your garden.

Espaso Verde Projects | Landscape Design | Hawkes Bay

A showcase of the end results of what Espaso Verde can do to make a garden landscape work.